Using Big Creek’s Online Quoting

1.    In the home screen scroll down to read the messages then go back to the top and choose “Shop by Department”, “Search All”, or type in a brief description of the product.

2.    “List View” is much more user friendly than the default “Grid View”

3.    Select the products to quote.

4.    If you are in Lumber click the Add/Tally button.

a.   A tally page will appear.

b.   Enter the quantity for each length.

5.    If you check a Refinement scroll down to the bottom and click “Refine Search”

6.    Click the Add button and the product is added to the cart.

7.    List prices are shown during quote entry. 

a.   Customer-specific pricing will be shown at "Check out".

8.    When all products are added, click the Cart

9.    Review the list and make changes as needed. Click “Place Quote”

10. Choose Delivery or Will Call (collect later)

11. Enter the customer and delivery information

a.   Accounts should auto-populate

b.   Scroll down to “Select Delivery Address” first

c.   Choose the correct job

d.   Do Not Use the MAIN Account

e.   Ok to use SHOP Account for incidentals not related to a job.

12. You will receive a confirmation email with the quote number.

13. You can view your quotes in Account Information > Quotes.

14. A Big Creek Sales Person will review the quote and contact you.



Ø  Quicklists gives customers the ability to build lists of items for recall and future quoting (such as “Deck Components”, “Fence Parts”, “Framing”, “Finish”, etc.) and will allow the customers to log in and quickly build their own quotes based of the items they like to buy or use regularly.

Ø  Lineal footage of lumber, i.e. 500 lineal feet, cannot be entered in the Online Quotes.  You will need to enter a tally of lengths of lumber to add up to the desired lineal footage.  Your sales representative may suggest alternative lengths.

Ø  How to change passwords.  We strongly recommend you change your password regularly.  Passwords should be at least eight characters long and contain at least one each of upper case, lower case, numerals, and special characters; and not contain any words found in any dictionary.  Click on "Settings" at top of page.  Enter your old password and your new password twice for verification, then click "Change password".

Ø  If you have questions or need support, email: